You’re Killin’ Me Workout


Todays workout was lower body dominant with a focused move for cardio and then one for strength. I wanted to keep the heart rate up and then use those muscles to keep that metabolism firing even after the workout was complete. I used my 18″ Box, a pair of 10 lb dumbbells, and my 20 lb kettlebell. Remember to always work at your fitness level and take breaks when you need to. The workout breakdown is below.

Set timer for 10 second rest and 50 second break. We’re going through each group for 6 rounds:

1a. Right Leg Step Up to Bench/Left Leg Side Lift/Down & Kick Right Leg Side Out
1b. Right Leg Balance Deadlift (Left Leg back)/ 4x Dumbbell Flyes/4x Kickbacks

2a. Left Lg Step Up to Bench/Right Leg Side Lift/Down & Kick Left Leg Side Out
2b. Left Leg Balance Deadlift (Right Leg Back)/4x Kickback/2x Jump Lunge

3a. Box Jumps
3b. 4x Oblique Mountain Climbers/Opposite Hand to Opposite Foot Touch

4a. 3x Plies Low Pulse/Plies Jump Squat to Plank
4b. Plies Squat w/Alternating Side Turn to Reverse Lunge

5a. Right Leg on Bench/Left Knee up/Down & Kick Front with Left Leg
5b. 3x Right Reverse Lunge Pulse to Right Leg Kick back

6a. Left Leg on Bench/Right Knee up/Down & Kick Front with Right Leg
6b. 3x Left Reverse Lunge Pulse to Left Leg Kick back

Bonus: Cardio Abs 10/20/10/50
(Do Diamond Hops in between each exercise)

1. Feet Elevated Right Side Plank/Right Foot on Floor & Right Knee Crunch in
2. Feet Elevated Left Side Plank/Left Foot on Floor & Left Knee Crunch in
3. 1x Hop feet under Body/2x Strict Mountain Climbers/2x Plank Jack
4. Russian Twist w/Overhead Press
5. Plank Toe Taps to Side
6. Alternating Side V-up Crunch