You Spin Me Round Workout

Today was a long workout. My workout is my alone time. I don’t sit and read or shop, I like to work out. I spend an hour on me, and then the rest of my day is spent on the family, friends, neighbors and our dog. I like to get at least an hour for myself. Some people like to get up and read the paper and drink coffee or tea. I like to get up and kick my butt. My workouts are my coffee. They get me moving and make me feel good so that I can go all day long. You don’t need an hour to do this workout. If you only have 20 minutes, you can do 2 rounds of the exercises. Just make sure you are using a heavy enough weight to work your body. I used my 30 lb sandbag, 25 lb plate, 20 lb Kettlebell and my stability ball. Use whatever weight feels most comfortable for you and work in your comfort zone.

Set your timer for stopwatch. We will go through part 1 four times, and then move on to the bonus abdominals for 2 rounds.

Part 1: 4 rounds/10x each
1. Rotational Sandbag Reverse Lunge/Clean/Twist and Press Overhead to Left
2. Dive Bomber with Plank Knee Drive Right then Left
3. Rotational Sandbag Reverse Lunge/Clean/Twist and Press Overhead to Right
4. Curl to Overhead Press to Tricep Extension
5. Rotational Sandbag to Outside Right Knee/Clean & Hold/Left Side Lunge
6. Weight Shoulder to Shoulder Press
7. Rotational Sandbag to Outside Left Knee/Clean & Hold/Right Side Lunge
8. Stability Ball Hand Off
9. Overhead Walking Lunges (or Stationary Front Lunges)
10. Alternate Reverse Lunge to Around the World

Bonus: Abdominals 2 rounds/12x each
1. Bird Dog Right Elbow/Rotate to Left Side Plank & Hold Right Knee Crunch
2. Bird Dog Left Elbow/Rotate to Right Side Plank & Hold Left Knee Crunch
3. V-Up Hover/Roll-over to Frog Hop (Feet close to hands)
4. Right Leg Up to Down Dog Glute Squeeze/Pull forward Plank Knee Drive
5. Left Leg Up to Down Dog Glute Squeeze/Pull Forward Plank Knee Drive