The Wild One


I did a new workout this morning. It was a little chilly here, but once I got moving I was regretting wearing long sleeves. I need to go and find some nice short sleeved workout tops for these cooler days. The workout was a little different. I decided to ladder the interval times instead of repetitions. By the end I was breathing pretty hard. I think it was a nice challenging workout. Then at the end of the video I decided to add on Zuzana’s 5 minute Competition Workout. I got an email about a week ago explaining it, and I just haven’t had time to try it. So today was the day for experimenting.  Below is the workout breakdown. You can modify to fit your schedule or your fitness level. You can also click play and follow along with me while I do the entire workout.

Round 1:  Set timer for :20 rest/ 1:00 work    6 rounds

Round 2:  Set timer for :15 rest/ :45 work       12 rounds

Round 3:  Set timer for :10 rest/ :30 work      18 rounds

Round 4:  Set timer for :20 work/ :20 work    9 rounds

You do the exercises below for each round. Once you complete the round, you move in to the next round until you complete all 4 rounds.

1) Sandbag or Dumbbell Clean & Press

2) Surfer Jumps

3) Yoga Push-ups

4) Burpee w/2 Jump Lunges

5) 2 Sandbag Rows/ 2 Bicep Curls

6) Side to Side Jump Lunge Touch Ground


Zuzana’s 5 minute Competition Workout. Set your timer for 5 minutes and run through the exercises until the timer beeps.

1) 5x Right Side V-Crunch

2) 5x Left Side V-Crunch

3) 2x Push-up

4) 5x Squat Jump In & Out