Where’s the Sweat HIIT Workout

My husband is always amazed at how much I sweat when I do these workouts. So he suggested I come up with a workout to play on the phrase of the old television commercial for Wendy’s – “Where’s the Beef”.  It was a little old lady asking the question to other fast food chains. He is asking all the other fitness channels – Where’s the Sweat?

This workout will definitely bring the sweat. It is a cardio – strength challenge. I am using the BOSU Ball to target the core for stability. If you don’t have a BOSU Ball, you can use a medicine ball, step bench, box, coffee table or the floor. Whatever you have available to you. Always remember to work at your fitness level, and take breaks when you need to.

The workout breakdown is below:

Set timer for 5/:30/10/1:00/10/:50
Jump Rope is :30
Leg Move is 1:00
Strength Move is :50

Jump Rope, High Knees, Jumping Jack or any other cardio move :30

1a. 2x Deadlift/2x Plank Squat Thrust
1b. (Ball on Top) Feet on Ball – Superman Lift to Hand Tap Opposite Foot (Repeat other side)

2a. 5x Dumbbell Overhead Jumping Jack/Walk-out to Plank Hop up & Turn (Repeat Jumping Jack)
2b. (Ball on Bottom) Squat on top – Front Raise w/1 Arm & Side Raise w/other Arm

3a. Right Side Lunge/Clean/Twist & Press Overhead Left
3b. (Ball on Bottom) Feet on BOSU Push-up

4a. Left Side Lunge/Clean/Twist & Press Overhead Right
4b. (Ball on Top) Hands on Ball in Downward Dog Position – Bend Both Arms toward Floor then up

5a. Rotational Reverse Lunge
5b. (Ball on Top) Lay on Ball – Right Hand to Left Straight Leg Lift

6a. (Ball on Bottom) BOSU Plank Jack (hands on BOSU & Hop feet to box or bench)
6b. (Ball on Top) Lay on Ball – Left Hand to Right Straight Leg Lift

7a. Squat with Alternating Up-Right Row
7b. (Ball on Top) Feet on Ball – Pike Position – Fingers turned in Pike Press

8a. Medicine Ball Plank – Hop to Squat/Hold/Tap Ball to Right then to Left Side of Floor
8b. Palms face up – Elbows at Side & Press Straight out & back to Side

9a. Right Clean & Snatch/Hold/2x Right Reverse Lunge Pulse
9b. Hands Behind Back – Palms face up & Pulse Up

10a. Left Clean & Snatch/Hold/2x Left Reverse Lunge Pulse
10b. Hands Behind Back – Palms face in & Pulse togethter

Bonus: Abs 10/50 2 rounds

1. Crunch off top of Stability Ball
2. Pike in then Knee Roll-in (feet on Stability Ball)
3. Right Side Plank Hip Raise
4. Left Side Plank Hip Raise
5. Elbow Plank Crunch Up
6. Elbow Plank Saw Forward 2x/Back 2x
7. Weighted Roll-up to Overhead Press
8. Russian Twist with Overhead Press
9. Right Side Oblique V-Crunch
10. Left Side Oblique V-Crunch