Weekend Warrior HIIT Workout

I really enjoyed doing the upper body work the other day. I thought I would do a cardio HIIT for the first part and then throw in a bonus upper body super set circuit. The first part will be cardio legs with some upper body moves to get you ready for the bonus. You can hold a weight that is challenging enough for your body, but light enough that you can get through the entire minute of each move. You will get a 15 second rest before moving on to the next move. I have it in 3 sections. We will go through 1 round of each second and then repeat for a second time before moving on to the bonus. I will be using my 30 lb sandbag, 15 – 12 – 10 and 8 lb dumbbells and my steel bell. You use the equipment you have available to you, and work at your fitness level. Remember to take breaks when you need to.

The workout breakdown is below.

Group 1: Set timer for 15/1:00 6 rounds

1. Jumping Jack (Jack with swing, Seal Jack or Overhead Press Jack)
2. Side Lunge Right twist Overhead to Left Shoulder
3. Side Lunge Left twist Overhead to Right Shoulder
4. Burpee with Skier Swing
5. Curtsy Lunge with Dumbbell Curl
6. Alternate Reverse Lunge with Tricep Overhead Extension

Group 2: Set timer for 15/1:00 6 rounds

1. Sandbag Clean and Press to Plank Jack then V-hop Right then Left
2. Right Leg Deadlift to Knee up with Left Shoulder Press
3. Left Leg Deadlift to Knee Up with Right Shoulder Press
4. 4x Mountain Climbers/Push-up Burpee Tuck Jump
5. Alternate Side Lunge with Circle Around to Knee Lift/Plies Jump Squat
6. Manmaker

Group 3: Set timer for 15/1:00 6 rounds

1. Jack (w/Swing, Seal or Overhead Press)
2. Snatch Right/Hold Overhead – Kneel Down/Up (Left – Right)  – Circle weight around Bicep Curl then Step Out Wide Right Squat to Right Reverse Cross Over Lunge
3. Snatch Left/Hold Overhead – Kneel Down/Up (Right – Left) – Circle weight around Bicep Curl then Step Out Wide Left Squat to Left Reverse Cross Over Lunge
4. “T” Raise Push-up
5. (Side You’re on) Left Reverse Lunge to Kick Front Switch Lunge/Round House Kick to Plies Jump Squat
6. Alternate Side Lunge to Front Lunge to Jump Switch Lunge

(Repeat all 3 parts 1 more time)

Bonus: Arms 10/30 3 rounds each group before moving to next

1a. Renegade Row
1b. 4x Row to Bicep Curl & Shoulder Press

2a. Bicep Curl to Twist & Punch forward at chest
2b. Single Arm Overhead Press

3a. Wide Curl to Press Out to Side and Lower down
3b. Side Raise – Touch Front (palms face each other) Back to Side and Down

4a. Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press
4b. Bend at Waist – Hands at Armpits and punch to sides

5a. Tricep Kickback
5b. Tricep Overhead Extension