The Warrior Workout


This workout is one that I posted originally and didn’t have a full video. You can make it as challenging as you want. I know this is a hectic time of year, but there is always time for even a short workout. It will make you feel better the rest of the day. I did this workout three times through for a total of 24 minutes. If you don’t have that much time, then do it once for 8 minutes or twice for 16 minutes. You can also add another round or two for a longer workout, if time permits. Keep your sanity this time of year by committing to doing a shorter workout with more intensity. That way when the holidays are over you can jump back into those workouts without feeling like you’re starting all over again.

Below is the workout breakdown. You can either copy it, or follow along with me for the full workout.

Set your timer for :15 rest/ 1:00 work       24 rounds

1) Walking Lunges

2) Right Side Plank Hip Dip to Elbow Twist

3) Side to Side Lunges

4) Left Side Plank Hip Dip to Elbow Twist

5) Jump Lunges

6) Plank Up Downs

7) Prisoner Squat

8) Plank Hip Raise Combo

(6x Plank Hip Raise to a Knee Pull Right then Knee Pull Left)