Triple Threat Workout

I was up early today filming more video clips of my exercises. Every time I think I’m caught up, I generate a new list of exercises that need to be recorded. I did an hours worth of the videos this morning, but had to stop because I was a parent driver for my son’s school Junior ROTC unit. They had Adopt-A-Highway clean up this morning. They had so many kids turn out that they needed the parents to walk along to supervise the kids. After spending 3 hours with the kids I headed back home to finish the videos. The video I will be attaching to my post is a video of a workout that I did the other day. It was too complicated to write a description so I thought I would try my hand at a video that would explain and show the exercises.

I used my Ugi ball for the workout. If you don’t have a Ugi ball, you can use a medicine ball or keep your feet on the floor and use dumbbells. The only place the Ugi ball is really necessary is when you do toe taps off the ball. If you don’t have a ball, you can do it on the floor. Make sure you bring your leg out far enough to engage the obliques.

This workout has three parts, and it will take you about 35 minutes from start to finish. That includes your rest in between each part, as well as set up.

Here is the video. The description is below.  Video

Part 1: 8 minute countdown

Commando Push-up right then left. Roll-over & do 10 plank jacks. Hop in and hop over matt. 10 squats and hop back. Repeat until timer goes off.

Part 2: 8 minute countdown

4 Ugi ball toe taps right and left. Hop feet to floor & reach through legs for ball. Hop up and turn with ball. Drop ball to floor & hop over it. Do 3 low pulse squat. Drop hands to floor and hop feet back to ball. Repeat until timer goes off.

Part 3: 10 minute countdown

Squat                                                   10x

Overhead Walking Lunge                    10x

Burpee with Ball                                   10x

Overhead Walking Lunge                    10x

Overhead Jump Lunges                       10x

Continue to repeat all 5 exercise until your timer goes off.

Collapse in a heap of sweat and exhaustion.