Total Body Sculpt Workout

December is always busy for everyone. You might have parties to go to, or you have family coming to visit. There is always decorating, shopping and eating. We need to take time for ourselves. It is too easy to say I don’t have time. You need to make the time to do your workout. When you work out, you have more energy to do things and you have more will power to pass on all those bad holiday foods. I am not saying that you can’t sample them, but everything in moderation. That mantra includes your workouts. You need to do something. It might not be as long as a normal workout, but keep moving. It will be so much easier, once the holidays are over, to get into your fitness routine.

It was really cold here for me today. It makes it difficult to get moving. The workout has three parts. A cardio/strength part, then abs and then finish out with another cardio/strength part. I always throw the abs in last as an after thought. I wanted to put them in the middle so I was more mindful of working them.

The breakdown is below. I used my stability ball, 12 lb dumbbells, my e-z curl bar with 10 lbs and a step stool. I give you alternative moves if you don’t have the equipment.

Part 1: Set timer for 10/30 4 rounds

1. Cone Jumps (Jump Center, Right, Center, Left, Center then forward. Turn and repeat)
2. Incline Push-up
3. Burpee with Tuck Jumps
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Hyperextensions
6. Squat Position – Right Dumbbell Curl
7. Squat Position – Left Dumbbell Curl

Part 2: 5/25 2 rounds

(1a.) Legs in Air – Reach hands to toes   (1b.) Alternate Opposite Hand to Foot – Legs in Air
(1c.) Reach & Hold – Legs in Air
(2a.) Right over Left Crunch Knee in  (2b.) Left over Right Crunch Knee in  (2c.) Hold Knees bent
(3a.) Left Side Plank Hip Dip  (3b.) Left Side Plank Right knee in  (3c.) Hold Side Plank
(4a.) Right Side Plank Hip Dip  (4b.) Right Side Plank Left knee in  (4c.) Hold Side Plank
(5a.) V-up  (5b.) Alternate V-up  (5c.) V-hold
(6a.) Hover Roll Knees in  (6b.) Russian Twist  (6c.) Knees Bent Hold off floor
(7a.) Plank Alternate Punch  (7b.) Plank Alternate Toe Tap to side  (7c.) Hold Plank

Part 3: 10/50 3 rounds

1. Light Good Morning with Alternating Reverse Cross Over Lunge
2. 2x Plies Pulse/Plies Jump up/Hop back into Plank
3. Dip w/Dancing Crab
4. Glute Lift – Pulse Legs in
5. Right Side Plank – Elbow twist to Left Knee Crunch in
6. Left Side Plank – Elbow Twist to Right Knee Crunch in