Total Body HIIT Challenge Workout Video

Well I started out thinking I would do 3 rounds of the first part. After getting through most of the third round I decided to go for a fourth. You don’t need to do all four rounds. I just felt very energetic today. I have a leg finisher for the bonus round. So watch it before you decide to do all four rounds with me. You can also save the bonus and do it on a completely different day. Remember to work at your fitness level, and take breaks when you need to. The workout breakdown is below. I used the 15 lb dumbbells, 20 lb kettlebell, EZ Curl bar with 40 lbs, and my 10 lb Ugi ball and Steel bell. You don’t need to do any weight, nor do you need to do the jumps.


Part 1: Set timer for 15/1:00 for 3 rounds

1. Renegade Row to Manmaker
2. Thigh Burner Burpee – to Olivia’s Squat (squat wide to reverse cross over lunge)
3. Frog Hop/Hold/Tap opposite hand to foot- Press to Pike tap opposite foot with hand
4. Right Leg (planted) Walk out to 1 legged Push-up (L.)/Hop foot in & Hop turn (Repeat with Left leg planted)
5. Light Good Morning to Reverse Cross Over Lunge
6. Plies Squat Jump into Plank/Hold/Elbow Plank Down – Up (on the elbows Punch arm forward before coming back up)
7. Weighted Roll-up – Drop weight to side – Roll over to Side Plank Hip Dip – Roll Back and down.  Repeat going to opposite side
8. Right Reverse Lunge to Round House Kick – Step right leg to side and tap left hand to right foot (Repeat with Left Leg Reverse Lunge)
9. 2x Strict Mountain Climbers/2x Plank Jack – hop in & Tuck Jump
10. Clean & Press Right/Hold Overhead/Right Reverse Lunge/Down to chest and circle around to bicep curl (Repeat)
11. Clean & Press Left/Hold Overhead/Left Reverse Lunge/Down to chest and circle around to bicep curl (Repeat)
12. 4x Jump Lunge with weight overhead/Drop Squat/Hold/Broad Jump & hold in low squat – 4x Low Pulse Squat/Hop into Plank & Knee Drive right and left/Hop up & turn (Repeat)

Part 2: Bonus Legs – Stopwatch & 1:00/:45/:30/:15

(Do 10x Squat between each exercise)
1. Hold Low Pulse Squat
2. Hold Low Tap to Side Right and Left
3. Hold Low Tap to Back Right and Left
4. Runner’s Stomp Right
5. Runner’s Stomp Left