Total Body Combo HIIT Move Workout

I have not done a workout format like this in a while. I thought that I would do all lower body for the first part, then upper body for the next part and then finish off with some abdominal work. All the moves are combinations, so we are going to need a little more time on the clock to get the move in a couple of times for it to feel effective.  If you have been following my videos you will recognize the moves. I don’t think any are new, but just pieced together differently. I have the sections broken up that way if you want to do only legs and save upper body for another day, you can. The breakdown is below. There are three sections of HIIT, and each section focuses on a certain part of the body.

Part 1: Lower Body 15/1:20 3 rounds

1. Ski Hop Right & Left/2x Jump Lunges/Box Jump to Plank
2. (BOSU, Box or Floor) Right Wide Squat/Reverse Cross Over Lunge/Right Side Leg Lift
3. (BOSU, Box or Floor) Left Wide Squat/Reverse Cross Over Lunge/Left Side Leg Lift
4. Surfer Jump/2x Pulse Back/Plank to Tuck Jump
5. Sumo Squat – Step Right Foot in (Bicep Curl)/Right Side Lunge Touch ground with weight then Pull Right Knee in & circle weight around & to Knee
6. Sumo Squat – Step Left Foot in (Bicep Curl)/Left Side Lunge Touch Ground with weight then Pull Left Knee in & circle weight around & to Knee
7. Wide Squat Right then Wide Squat Left/hold/Thigh Burner right then left/ Plank Frog Hop – hold in squat & twist right arm to ceiling and left to floor/Plank Frog Hop – hold in Squat & twist left arm to ceiling and right to floor/hop up and repeat
8. Alternate Side Lunge – weight to outside of knee/Clean to chest/hold for Squat & Overhead Twist

Part 2: Upper Body 15/45 3 rounds

1. “Y” Arms/Side Raise/Touch Front with palms twisted up
2.. Bicep Curl/Up-Right Row/Wide Bicep Curl
3. 2x Single Shoulder Press/2x Arnold Press
4. Bicep Curl to Overhead Press to Tricep Extension
5. 4x Dips/4x Tricep Extension
6. Bent Elbows Side Raise/hold/V Arms (Palms at Pelvis Raise in Front)/Overhead Press
7. Right Bicep Curl (Hold)/Left Bicep Curl (Hold)/Right Overhead Press (hold)/Left Overhead Press (hold)/Shoulder Press & Lower down to repeat
8. Dumbbell Squeeze/Front Raise – Bend Elbows at Shoulders/Dumbbell Rear Flyes

Part 3: Abs 10/50 3 rounds

1. Right Side Plank Hip Dip
2. Lay on Right Side – Bicycle Right knee in & left Elbow to right knee
3. Left Side Plank Hip Dip
4. Lay on Left Side – Bicycle Left Knee in & right Elbow to Left Knee
5. Roll up – 4x Russian Twist – Roll back down