Torch the Fat Workout


It was cold out there this morning so Aidan and I were motivated to get moving and get the workout done. The nice thing about the workout is you can modify it to meet your needs. If you are a beginner, you can do the 8 exercises one time through. Work at your fitness level. You may want to work through all 24 rounds and not take a break in between each round. It will definitely make it more difficult without adding any more time to the workout. You can also add another round or two on if you have more time. We did 3 rounds because we were hitting a core workout afterwards. For the first part of the workout you will set your timer for :10 rest/ :30 work and 8 rounds. We will repeat 2 more times for a total of 24 rounds. You can write it down and do it on your own, or follow along with us on the video above.

1) Surfer Burpee
2) Squat with Alternating Up-right Row
3) 3 Lateral Hops to a Burpee
4) Squat with Alternating Front Kick
5) Plank Bench to Burpee
6) Curtsy Lunge
7) 3 Plank Jacks to a Burpee
8) Frog Hop Push-up

Part 2 is for the core. You will set your timer to stopwatch. The exercises are below.
1) Discs or straps Knees in and out to side then to plank                                       10x
2) Bird Dog Right elbow to left knee                                                                        10x
3) Bird Dog Left elbow to Right Knee                                                                      10x
4) Right Side Plank – Tap top toe behind then kick to front                                     10x
5) Left Side Plank – Tap top toe behind then kick to front                                        10x
6) Russian Twist                                                                                                       30x
7) Walk out to Plank then Superman lift Right then Left                                           10x