Toned Tush and Tight Abs Workout

Alright, I was only planning on three rounds of this workout today, but I had lots of energy.  I love early mornings. The boys had to be up for a school function really early this morning, so I figured since I was up I would do my workout. I had planned on just three rounds, but felt so good I decided to do four rounds. I used my 30 lb sandbag, 20 lb kettlebell, 8 & 10 lb dumbbells and my disc slides (optional). Remember to work at your level and take breaks when you need them. The break down is below.

Set your timer for 10 second rest and 30 second work. I did 4 rounds, but you do what is comfortable for your fitness level. I also did an arm finisher at the end. I used the 20 second work and no rest, and completed 3 rounds.

Part 1: 10/30 4 rounds

1. Weighted Squat with Alternating Glute Lift
2. Right Leg – Three Legged Down Dog to Plank Knee Drive
3. High Step Glute Lift
4. Left Leg – Three Legged Down Dog to Plank Knee Drive
5. Jump Lunge
6. Walk Out to Push-up
7. Plies Squat Jump
8. Russian Twist with Overhead Press
9. Plies Squat Pulse
10. Supine Twisted Touch (Pull weight to opposite foot)
11. Right Reverse Bench Lunge to Right Knee Lift (Out to Side)
12. Right Leg Slide over to Left and Rotate to Right Side Plank Twist
13. Left Reverse Bench Lunge to Left Knee Lift (Out to Side)
14. Left Leg Slide over to Right and Rotate to Left Side Plank Twist
15. Right Leg Bridge Lift (Left in Air)
16. Left Leg Bridge Lift (Right in Air)
17. Weighted Roll-up – drop weight to right side and roll over left shoulder to side plank hip dip
18. Weighted Roll-up – drop weight to left side and roll over right shoulder to side plank hip dip

Bonus: Upper Body Finisher 20 seconds work/no rest for 3 rounds

1. Right Side Arm Lateral Raise/Left Arm Side Lateral Raise/Both Overhead Press
2. Right Arm Overhead Press/Left Arm Overhead Press/Both Side Lateral Raise
3. Bent Over Row/Bent Over Flye/Side Lateral to Circle Overhead Press
4. Bicep Curl/Tricep Kickback (or overhead extension)/Up-right Row
5. Close Push-up/Dips/Wide Right Push-up to close push-up & Wide Left Push-up to close push-up