The Warrior Workout

Happy Friday to all of you. I want to share the great workout I had this morning. Before I jump right into it, I wanted to talk to you about the direction I’m going in. My mindset has always been hard core training, “Go Hard or Go Home!” Week in and week out I would train my body hard 6 days a week and rest on Sunday. I was finding myself tight all over, and needing a 90 minute massage monthly. My body could have used that massage once a week, but my wallet couldn’t handle that commitment. So my New Years resolution was to add some yoga into my weekly workout schedule. To date, I do yoga twice a week. It is helping me with my focus, my breathing and loosening my tight muscles. I no longer walk like a caveman when I get up from a seated position. The part of my body that is still lagging is my midsection. I decided to practice what I preach and focus on that trouble spot. A few weeks ago I added in a Pilates class. I feel like it’s helping. I now do hard workouts, lifting and HIIT,  3 days a week. On the days I do yoga and pilates, I will swim, cross train  or do a HIIT workout. Every body responds differently, you just have to find what works for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment, or to change it up.

Here is the breakdown of my workout.

Set your timer for 1:00 work/ 15 seconds rest. Do this workout 3 times through. I set my timer for 24 rounds, only taking the 15 second breaks. If you need to, you can take a break in between the rounds.

1)  Walking Lunges (I held my sandbag over my head to engage my core.)

2) Side Plank Hip Dip with Elbow Twist  (Right Side)

3) Side to Side Lunge  (I used my sandbag)

4) Side Plank Hip Dip with Elbow Twist  (Left Side)

5) Jump Lunges

6) Plank Down Up

7) Prisoner Squat

8) Plank Hip Raise  (Do 6 plank raises then hold and pull right knee in to right elbow/ then left knee to left elbow)

(I will get a video recorded for this exercise.)

Enjoy and have a great weekend.

My scores were:

1) 20, 24, 24

2) 15, 13, 16

3) 38, 38, 36

4) 17, 17, 16

5) 53, 48, 50

6) 20, 20, 20

7) 27, 26, 26

8) 4, 4, 5