The Unbreakable Workout

If the title of this workout seems weird, it is because I have had one weird day. I am now using my Iphone to record videos because it is much faster to upload than my old video camera. Well only if you have enough space on your phone. I have spent the better part of a day trying to get this video up and running. Every time I start to record, it turns off on me. I have deleted apps that I don’t use, and old videos. Of course, it only does it when my husband (who is the tech savvy guy is out of town). So I am forced to have patience and wait for his return.

Like anything, once I get used to it, it will work like a dream. Until then, please understand that it is going to take me a little while.

The breakdown for today is in two parts. The first part is a 15 second rest and 1 minute work for rounds in each couplet. There are 5 couplets with 10 exercises. Part 2 is a 12 minute countdown Burpee Challenge. I used my 30 lb sandbag, 20 lb kettlebell, 10 lb dumbbells and ugi ball. Use whatever equipment you have available and work in your fitness level. Take breaks when you need to.

The breakdown is below.

Part 1::15/1:00 6 rounds (each couplet)

1a. Bicep Curl with Side Shoulder Raise
1b. Sumo Squat with Alternating Side Lunge

2a. Climbing Set of Single Shoulder Raise to Double Shoulder Raise (begin at 1 & work up to 5)
2b. Alternate Reverse Lunge (bag outside front foot)

3a. Yoga Push-up
3b. Side to Side Jump Touchdown (hand to ground)

4a. Weighted Roll-up (Tap right then tricep extension/left then tricep extension)
4b. 10x Strict Mountain Climbers/10x Oblique Mountain Climbers

5a. Frog Hop Push-up
5b. 20x Reverse Crunch/Lying Scissor Legs (feet hover off ground)

Part 2: 12 minute countdown (Burpee Challenge)

2x Jump Lunge – hop into plank – 2x Cross Walk Hands to Down/Up Plank – Hold – 2x Toe Touch to opposite Hand in Plank/2x Plank Jacks (Repeat traveling the opposite way)

I did not get the Bonus: Cardio Abs because my phone is out of room. I deleted everything I don’t use on there. And the videos that I already uploaded, so I don’t understand. I will do them on a separate video.