The Ugi Ball HIIT Combo Workout

I liked the workout the other day where we did the combination move then went into a high intensity interval segment. I have another combo move. I thought I would use my Ugi Ball for this one. No worries if you don’t have Ugi Ball, you can use a medicine ball or even do it on the floor. I like the idea of the combo countdown to really get you warmed up before jumping into the killer HIIT moves.

I have my Ugi Ball, BOSU Ball, 30 lb sandbag, 20 lb Kettlebell and 15 lb dumbbells. I am really going to challenge myself today. Remember to work at your fitness level and take breaks when you need to.

The workout breakdown is as follows:

Set timer for 8 minute countdown
Part 1: Crazy Ugi Ball Challenge: 8 minute

Feet on Ugi Ball in Plank Position – Toe Tap to floor right then left/hold for push-up – hop feet to floor & hold in a squat position/grab the ball from between the legs and tap right then over to the left.  Hop up holding the ball and turn – place ball on floor and hop over/hold/3x low pulse squat to the ball then hop into plank and repeat

Part: 2 15/1:00 2 rounds

1. Push-up to bag drag – Hop feet in to squat & grab bag for a 1 Arm Swing
2. 10x Mountain Climbers to Clean/Hold/Overhead Press with Alternating Reverse Lunge
3. Sandbag in Front – Squat & hold – flip bag to right shoulder & squat out left. In to a left knee lift & Reverse Lunge. Squat & lower bag to the floor. Up & then repeat with bag on left side
4. 5x Plank Jack on Dumbbells/Manmaker with Renegade Row
5. 2x Alternate Crab Dance – Spin over to Pike Position & hold for Pike Press
6. Plies Squat to Right Side Lunge then Plies Squat to Left Side Lunge/Plies Jump Squat to Plank
7. 3x Right Kettlebell Clean/hold/Overhead Press & hold 3x Right Windmill – Up & lower to shoulder – swing around Bicep Curl
8. 3x Left Kettlebell Clean/hold/Overhead Press & hold 3x Left Windmill – up & lower to shoulder – swing around Bicep Curl
9. Right Side Lunge to BOSU Ball – weight goes to right foot – up and twist over left shoulder with weight
10. Left Side Lunge to BOSU Ball – weight goes to left foot – up and twist over right shoulder with weight
11. 4x Duck Walk – hop into plank – hop up to squat (stay low) 2x hop back to start (Backwards hop)

Repeat both parts one more time

Bonus: Abs and Butts  (Stopwatch)

Repeat 3x
1a. Crunch on top of Stability Ball                                             25x
1b. Weighted Side Crunch (outside knee)/Stability ball            25x/side

Right Arm Turkish Get Up                                                        10x
Left Arm Turkish Get Up                                                          10x

Repeat 3x
2a. Bridge Up/Down (Feet on BOSU)                                      25x
2b. Bridge Hold up & pusle                                                      25x

Repeat 3x
3a. Bridge (Feet in & knees out) Pulse up                               25x
3b. Hyperextension                                                                  10x