The Super Intense Bonus Workout

I don’t know if it felt super intense because I had just finished the Naughty or Nice Workout. But I can tell you that my body is exhausted. I used my 30 lb sandbag and 10 lb dumbbells. You can do the entire workout without weights. Remember to work at your fitness level and take breaks when you need to. The workout breakdown is below.

Set timer for :30/2:00 for 3 rounds
(on the 30 seconds you will do a glute exercise)

1a. Bridge Glute Lift
1b. Sandbag Roll-up to Get up/hold/Squat and Press Overhead

2a. Bridge Knees close & feet wide – Glute Lift
2b. “T” Raise Push-up Right then Left/hold/Ski Hop Right then Left

3a. Bridge Knees wide & feet close – Glute Lift
3b. 6x Pendulums/hold/1x Dive Bomber

4a. Bridge Up – Out – In – Down to Glute Lift
4b. 3x Low Squat Jump touch the Ground/hold/6x Hop into Plank Tap Opposite Hand to Foot

Bonus: Arms 1:00 work/no rest 3 rounds

1. Bicep Curl Wide Twist & lower down
2. Arnold Shoulder Press
3. Bicep Curl Twist and lower down to thighs
4. Shoulder Press – hands face out/press overhead and twist in