The Naughty or Nice Workout

I wanted to get into the festivities with my workout so I decided to base this one off the 12 Days of Christmas Song. You will start with exercise 1 and do 1 rep. Then go to 2 and do 2 reps and back to number 1. Keep repeating until you get to number 12. You will do 12 reps working all the way down to 1. Once you complete that way, you start at 12 and do the same thing. You don’t have to repeat starting at 12. It is a great full body workout either way. I did a bonus round of mayhem abdominal. The workout breakdown is below. I used body weight for the 12 exercises. I used my 30 lb sandbag, 10 lb dumbbells and my stability ball. All the exercises can be done without weight. Work at your fitness level, and take breaks when you need to.

Like the song the 12 days of Christmas. Start at 1 and work up to 12. Then go from 12 back down to 1.

1. Sandbag Clean and Snatch
2. Explosive Push-up
3. Double Duck Burpee w/Push-up
(2x Low Pulse Squat/4x Duck Walk/Hop to plank push-up/hop up and turn)
4. Pendulums
5. Jumping Jack w/Overhead Press
6. Plank Toe Tap Opposite Hand to Foot/Hold/Frog Hop
7. Dip w/Dancing Crab
8. Hovering Tuck Roll-up
9. Plank Jack to Frog Hop
10. Lateral Low Hops over Mat
11. Dive Bombers
12. Reverse Lunge Kick up to Jump Switch Lunge

Bonus: Mayhem Abs :10/1:00 3 rounds

1. Sandbag Roll-up to Get Up & Press Overhead
2. V-up
3. Reverse Crunch
4. Pike up to Knee Roll in on Stability Ball
5. Plank Hold