The Dynamic Duo

I have a new workout today. I decided to go a little longer on the workout time, so we will set the timer for a 15 second rest and 1:00 work. I wanted to do some weighted exercise with my H.I.I.T. workout today, because using weights in your workout will help keep the metabolism burning long after you stop working out. Working those muscles will help give you a sculpted look. You will look lean and toned, not just a skinny fat. You want to develop some muscle tone under that skin so that it just doesn’t hang there and look loose. You don’t need heavy weights to achieve this. You can do body weight exercises; such as push-ups, pull-ups and burpees, to help get this desired look. You need to focus on good form, and using those muscles.

There are 11 exercises in the first part that I will do 3 times through. You can do all three rounds, or stop where ever you feel comfortable. The second part is a timed stopwatch. We will  be doing 3 exercises for 10 repetitions and 4 times through. Again work at your level, and take breaks when you need to. I threw in a bonus section. It is abs and arms. It will be 10 second rest and 40 second work for 3 rounds. The breakdown is below. I used my 12 and 20 lb kettlebells, a 10 lb pair of dumbbells and my 10 lb medicine ball and Ugi ball. Use whatever weight you have available to you.

Part 1: 15/1:00 3 round

1. Plank – 2x Cross Hand Walk Push-up to Step Kick through
2. Right Arm Burpee to Kettlebell Swing then Snatch
3. Left Arm Burpee to Kettlebell Swing then Snatch
4. Squat Out to Right/Right Side Lunge to Right Leg Lift (Sandbag on left shoulder)
5. Right Side Lunge – Up and twist over left shoulder
6. Squat Out to Left/Left Side Lunge to Left Leg Lift (Sandbag on right shoulder)
7. Left Side Lunge – Up and twist over right shoulder
8. Alternate Reverse Lunge – Opposite elbow to opposite knee
9. Frog Hop Push-up to 2x Plank Jack
10. Dip w/Dancing Crab
11. Double Duck Burpee (2x low pulse squat/4x low walk to plank/hop up and turn)

Part 2: Stopwatch 10x/exercise 4 round

1. Reverse Lunge – hold – leg pulls back for 1 legged push-up/pull knee in & plant foot – bring other leg in and repeat with opposite leg
2. Alternate Kettlebell Swing
3. Squat to Round House Kick Right/Left Reverse Lunge to Jump Switch Lunge
Then Squat to Round House Kick Left/Right Reverse Lunge to Jump Switch Lunge

Bonus: 10/40 3 rounds

1. Russian Twist with Overhead Press
2. Kneeling Bicep Curl
3. Reverse Crunch (Ball b/w Knees)
4. 10x Single Shoulder Press/10x Arnold Press
5. Hold ball at chest/Bicycle Legs pulling ball to outside of knee
6. Scissor Feet (hold ball in air over chest)
7. Plank – Right Foot tap out to side then tap on top of left foot
8. Plank – Left Foot tap out to side then tap on top of right foot