The BOSU Ball HIIT Workout

I had a request the other day to use the BOSU Ball for an entire workout. I stepped up and came up with what I think is a tough lower body and cardio workout. All we used was the BOSU Ball and 1 weight of your choice. Now if you don’t have a BOSU Ball no worries. This entire workout can be done on the floor or even a box or bench. Some of the hops might be a little more challenging if the bench or box is high. Just remember to work at your fitness level, and take breaks when you need to. The workout breakdown is below.

Part 1: Set timer for 15/45 4 rounds

1. Plank Frog Hop to BOSU/Hop on top to squat & hold/Hop back down and into plank
2. BOSU Behind – Squat down and lower back onto BOSU/Roll back then forward and Up to stand/Press weight overhead
3. (Top of BOSU) Right Foot Squat out to Side then knee up & back to Reverse Lunge knee up
4. Plant Right Foot on BOSU – Left Knee up & hop/Lunge Back Right Leg & touch hand to BOSU
5. (Top of BOSU) Left Foot Squat out to Side then knee up & back to Reverse Lunge knee up
6. Plank Left Foot on BOSU – Right Knee up & hop/Lunge Back Left Leg & touch hand to BOSU
7. BOSU Frog Hop Burpee (Pick up BOSU & hop into air)
8. Top of BOSU – Alternate Squat hop over with knee lift/10x Alternate hop side to side touch BOSU
9. Squat Jump onto BOSU /Squat Jump back to floor (stay low)
10. Flip BOSU over – Balance on BOSU – Low Squat

Bonus: Arms & Abs 5/25 9 rounds for each triplet set

1a. Overhead Tricep Extension (Up 2/Down 2)
1b. Kickbacks
1c. Overhead Tricep Extension (Single time down/up)

2a. Right Leg Straight out – Lift up 2/down 2
2b. Single Time – Right Leg lift w/upper body lift
2c. Plank on BOSU – Pull Right knee under chest & kick back to plank

3a. Dips (down 2/up 2)
3b. Overhead Extension (down 2/up 2)
3c. Elbow Plank Up/Down

4a. Left Leg Straight out – lift up 2/down 2
4b. Single Time – Left Leg lift w/upper body lift
4c. Plank on BOSU – Pull Left knee under chest & kick back to plank

5a. Bicep Curl (Up 2/Down 2)
5b. Curl up then out to side
5c. Curl & tap end of dumbbell to opposite shoulder

6a. Competition Sit-up (Legs over BOSU/reach dumbbell for feet)
6b. Butterfly Sit-up (Upper & Lower crunch together)
6c. Shoot legs & arms straight out then crunch in

7a. Squat Position – Right Bicep Concentration Curl
7b. Squat Position – Left Bicep Concentration Curl
7c. Squat Position – Bicep Curl both