Swinging into the Weekend

So for those of you who have been following my posts, you know that I like change. My body and my mind crave it. I need a challenge so I don’t feel like I’m just going through the motion. I lifted yesterday with a crazy circuit for my back, shoulders and biceps, so I thought todays workout would be a chest and triceps all bundled nicely into a crazy heart pumping workout. I only needed my 30 lb sandbag, a timer  and a mat.

Part 1:  Stop watch

Up Down Plank 8x    then      Close Grip Push-up 1x

Sandbag Swing     10x

Up Down Plank 7x    then      Close Grip Push-up 2x

Sandbag Swing     10x

Up Down Plank 6x    then     Close Grip Push-up  3x

Sandbag Swing     10x

Up Down Plank 5x    then      Close Grip Push-up  4x

Sandbag Swing    10x

Up Down Plank 4x    then      Close Grip Push-up  5x

Sandbag Swing    10x

Up Down Plank 3x   then       Close Grip Push-up 6x

Sandbag Swing    10x

Up Down Plank 2x     then     Close Grip Push-up 7x

Sandbag Swing    10x

Up Down Plank 1x     then     Close Grip Push-up   8x

Sandbag Swing     10x

(It took me 7:06 to complete part one.)

Part 2:   1:00 countdown   8 rounds (I was going to save the core work for the end, but my arms were already shaking after part 1 so I put them in the center of the workout)

1) Right Side Plank Hold

2) Front Plank Hold

3) Left Side Plank Hold

4) Glute Hold


Part 3:  Stopwatch

(I did burpees between my sets of sandbag swings. I started at 20 repetitions and worked my way down to 10 repetitions.)

Sandbag Swing     10x/             Burpee        20x

Sandbag Swing     10x/             Burpee         19x

Sandbag Swing     10x/             Burpee         18x

Sandbag Swing      10x/            Burpee         17x

Sandbag Swing     10x/             Burpee        16x

Sandbag Swing    10x/              Burpee        15x

Sandbag Swing    10x/              Burpee        14x

Sandbag Swing    10x/               Burpee       13x

Sandbag Swing    10x/              Burpee        12x

Sandbag Swing    10x/              Burpee        11x

Sandbag Swing    10x/              Burpee        10x

I completed part 3 in 17:02. After I finished, I laid on the mat and stretched. My arms were shaking and I was exhausted. When you finish this workout, you will have done 190 Sandbag Swings, 165 Burpees, 36 Push-ups and Down Up Planks. Believe me it feels like it.