Sweat & Shred Workout

So this is the first workout video with my new name. If you read my previous post then you know we found a more suitable name for my page. My workouts may seem crazy to most people. What you must understand is that I built up to this intensity. When I began doing these workouts I was using no weight on some exercises, and a 12 lb. Kettlebell on other exercises. I eventually worked up to the sandbag. Even with the sandbag I began with 8 or 10 lbs in the bladder. Every time the exercises seemed easier, I challenged myself by adding a little extra weight. I am happy at 30 lbs in my sandbag. I have come up with so many different exercises that if I change it enough that 30 lbs. seems to be quite challenging.

I am using my new timer for the workout today. I am really liking the set up on the new Gym Boss Timer. If you don’t have one of the new ones, the old one can still be used. You will just need to set the timer with 6 second break/ 30 second work for 20 rounds, and repeat that 3 times. If you would like to follow along with me on the workout, click on the highlighted link Sweat & Shred.

Here is the workout breakdown.

6/30/6/30  10 rounds  3x’s through

1) “T’ Raise Push-up/  Criss Cross Jack

2) Sumo Squat w/Alternating Knee Raise/  Burpee w/Push-up

3) Plank w/Side Lateral Raise/  Criss Cross Jack

4) Squat w/Alternating Side Leg Lift/  Burpee w/Push-up

5) Sandbag Shoulder Press/  Criss Cross Jack

6) Plank Toe Tap Side to Heel Tap/  Burpee w/Push-up

7) 3 Squat Pulse to Stand/  Criss Cross Jack

8) Dancing Crab/  Burpee w/Push-up

9) Curtsy Lunge/  Criss Cross Jack

10) Plank Sandbag Drag/  Burpee w/Push-up