The Sweat Fest Workout Video


The workout that I did today is from an older post. I had everything written down and video clips of the exercises, but no full video workout. I have a list of these workouts that I don’t have videos for, and need to record them. I spent the weekend making homemade Chicken Stock for my Chicken Noodle Soup today. I did not have time to come up with a new workout, so it was a perfect day for me to revisit one of these older workouts. These workouts can be very challenging. Work at your own pace, and take breaks when you need to. There are three parts to the original workout, and then I threw in a bonus section just to make it crazy. The workout breakdown is below.

Part 1: Set timer to 5:00 countdown

Runner Hop Clean & Press Combo
8x Strict Mountain Climbers. Hop feet to right then plank then left and plank. Hop feet in to bag. Hold and do a Clean & Press. Lower bag and repeat.


Part 2: Set timer for 4 rounds each for 1:00/:45/:30/:15

1) Right Side Plank Hip Dip to Left Leg Kick Out

2) Glute Lift

3) Left Side Plank Hip Dip to Right Leg Kick Out

4) Plank Hip Raises


Part 3: Set timer to 5:00 countdown

Kneeling Sandbag Clean to Low Squat Combo

In a kneeling position, grab bag & roll to chest. Come up to low squat position right then left. Hold and step out to right low squat then in and then left low squat and in. Lower bag to floor and back to kneeling position. Repeat starting with the left foot.


Bonus: Set timer to 5:00 countdown

Warrior Gauntlet

In low squat position, roll back with feet overhead. Roll feet forward and place hands on mat. Hop feet back into a plank and do 2 Push-ups. Hop feet in and broad jump forward. Grab bag and do a Clean & Press. Hop back and repeat.