The Suspension Trainer Flow Workout

I know that I said I was going to call it the TRX Flow workout, but I have the WOSS straps, so we are going with the Suspension Trainer Workout. I am starting to feel a little more comfortable, and stronger, using my straps. I like the element of suspending my body to perform somewhat simple moves so the moves feel a little more challenging. The workout that I did today is a flow, because we kept the height of the straps the same and progressed through different exercises. There are 8 exercises today, and we are going through the workout 4 times. You will set your timer for 5 second rest and 40 second work. I do show you optional exercises if you don’t have the straps, or if you are just beginning to use the straps. I also have a core finisher workout with the straps at the end of the first part. The core will be 5 exercises done with a 10 second rest and 45 second work for 15 rounds. Work in your comfort zone and take breaks when you feel you need one. The workout breakdown is below.

1. Squat with Wide Flye
2. Reverse Lunge Left to Hop Knee Up
3. Reverse Lunge Right to Hop Knee Up
4. Pull-up
5. Pistol Squat Right to Deadlift
6. Pistol Squat Left to Deadlift
7. Hanging Left Arm Row to Oblique Rotational Reach up with Right
8. Hanging Right Arm Row to Oblique Rotational Reach up with Left

Core Finisher on Straps

1. Plank
2. Oblique Mountain Climbers
3. Roll Out (hands in strap)
4. Stir the Pot Right
5. Stir the Pot Left