Suck it Up Workout


I did a workout today with a longer timed interval. Olivia had asked if I could do a H.I.I.T. workout with 1 minute and 30 second workout, and a little longer rest. So I came up with 10 combination move exercises that would target the entire body, and put them to a minute and 30 second work time. You should feel this workout all over.

I did 10 exercise combination moves for 1 minute and 30 seconds, and a 15 minute rest. I used my 30 lb sandbag, 8 lb medicine ball and 8 lb dumbbells. You can use whatever you have available. Remember to work in your fitness level, and take breaks when you need to. I added a 20 minute bonus at the end. You will use stopwatch and do a certain amount of repetitions. The workout breakdown is below.

Set timer for 15/1:30 3 rounds

1. 6x Mountain Climber/2x V-hop Right then Left/1x Push-up/1x Clean & Press
2. Kneeling – (Sandbag at Right) Up to low squat & flip sandbag over to left shoulder/Step out to left for Wide Squat/Lower Sandbag to floor and begin kneeling doing everything on right side
3. Alternate – Side Lunge – weight at foot/Clean to Chest/Hold/Squat & Press Overhead
4. Front Lunge (w/Bag on Shoulder of opposite Foot)/Hold in lunge & shift weight over to opposite side/hold 3x Pulse Lunge. Step back and repeat with opposite foot5. Squat with Up-right Row/Hold Front – Clean & Press/Hold overhead & reverse lunge with same side foot.
6. 2x Jump Squat with Alternating Side Leg Lift/Hop into plank & 2x Travel Walking Push-ups
7. Weighted Roll-up – lower weight to right side & roll over left shoulder into a Side Plank/ Hip Dip & then Kick top leg out in front. Down & roll over to seated position.
8. Weighted Roll-up – lower weight to left side & roll over right shoulder into a Side Plank/Hip Dip & then Kick top leg out in front. Down & roll over to seated position
9. Squat & toss ball into the air – Low Squat & catch the ball/Hold in Squat position/Tap ball to right then front & left then front/Hop into Plank for Knee Drive Right then Left
10. Hovering V-Up reach between legs/V-up/Roll-up to seated/Russian Twist with overhead press/Roll down

Bonus: Stopwatch 3 rounds for each exercise group

1a. Glute Bridge on Stability Ball                                                                  25x
1b. Crunch on top of Stability Ball                                                                20x

2a. Close Grip Pull-over w/Close Grip Press                                               15x
2b. Lying Dumbbell Shoulder Raise                                                             15x

3a. Hip Raise off Stability Ball (Face down)                                                 20x
3b. Hyperextension                                                                                      20x

4a. Competition Sit-up (weighted)                                                                20x
4b. Butterfly Crunch                                                                                      20x