Strength Circuit Kettlebell Workout


My workout today was focused on strength and conditioning, instead of sweat and exhaustion. We have had crazy weather here the last few days and I haven’t been able to record a workout. We are not used to having several days of cloudy, rainy weather here in Florida. It makes it very difficult to do my workout since I record the workouts on my back deck. I thought I would take advantage of the clear day. It was, however, only 44 degrees out. I didn’t want to get all sweaty and do a Yoga class, so I chose a workout that focused on form and strength. If you want to make it a little more cardiovascular, feel free to throw in some jump rope or jumping jacks. I went through the workout 2 times. If you are a beginner, you can do it one time through. Also, choose a weight that is comfortable to you. When I say comfortable, it should be challenging to do it with proper form. If you get to the last repetition and feel like you can do more, you need to increase your weight. If you could do another five to ten repetitions, you should increase your weight by about 5 lbs. Below is the workout breakdown. All that you really need is a Kettlebell or two.

Set timer for stopwatch. Perform 2 rounds of complete workout.

1. Walking Lunge, Figure 8 Kettlebell between legs                 20x
2. Side to Side Lunge Lunge                                                    20x
3. Around Right w/Kettlebell                                                      15x
4. Around Left w/Kettlebell                                                        15x

Hold Kettlebell in Left Hand:
1. Kettlebell Clean & Press (L)                                                  10x
2. Kettlebell Squat & Press  (L)                                                 10x
3. Kettlebell Left Arm Swing                                                      10x

1. Walking Lunge, Figure 8 Kettlebell between Legs                20x
2. Side to Side Lunge                                                                20x
3. Around Left w/Kettlebell                                                        15x
4. Around Right w/Kettlebell                                                      15x

Hold Kettlebell in Right Hand:
1. Kettlebell Clean & Press (R)                                                  10x
2. Kettlebell Squat & Press (R)                                                  10x
3. Kettlebell Right Arm Swing                                                    10x

1. Walking Lunge, Figure 8 Kettlebell between Legs                 20x
2. Side to Side Lunge                                                                20x
3. Around Right w/Kettlebell                                                      15x
4. Around Left w/Kettlebell                                                        15x

1. Kettlebell Windmill (Left)                                                       15x
2. Kettlebell Windmill (Right)                                                     15x

Repeat Entire workout 1 more time.