Strength and Cardio HIIT Workout

I am getting a lot of chatter on my Youtube channel about different workouts. Daniela asked if I could do another workout like the format for the “Don’t Touch Me I’m Sweaty” Workout. I love when people ask for stuff because I know they are doing the workouts. And if you know this workout, then you know that it is not an easy one. I upped the crazy factor in this workout. During the intervals for the cardio move, I have you doing a strength based move for the 15 second rest period. You don’t need to do this, but if you would like to challenge yourself a little more, then keep moving along with me during the 15 second break. Remember, you can take breaks when you need to. Always work at your fitness level, but make sure you push yourself a little out of your comfort zone. You need to push a little harder if you want to make changes.

The workout breakdown is below. I used my 30 lb sandbag, 15, 12, and 10 lb dumbbells, 20 lb kettlebell, 10 lb Steel bell, 18″ box and Stability Ball. I will show you the modified moves for each exercise. No need to worry if you don’t have certain pieces of equipment. Many of my subscribers have different pieces of equipment and I like to show how each one can be used for the moves. I have also thrown in a BOSU Ball Bonus. You don’t have to do it on the same day, but if you want to it will be at the end of the video.

Part 1: You will be doing the first move for a set number of repetitions.
Then Set timer for :15/:45 4 rounds (you will do all of them before moving on to next number)

1. Stability Ball Hand Off to V-Up                                                                          15x
Shoulder Press (:15)/Skier Swings (:45)

2. Squat Weight to Side to Up-Right Row                                                              20x
Twisted Side Raise (:15)/Seal Jack Touch Hand to opposite foot (:45)

3. Right Side Lunge to Right X-Over Lunge                                                           20x
Right Arm Shoulder Press (:15)/Right Arm Burpee Chair Sit Front Raise (:45)

4. Left Side Lunge to Left X-Over Lunge                                                                20x
Left Arm Shoulder Press (:15)/Left Arm Burpee Chair Sit Front Raise (:45)

5. Right Leg Step Up to Bench with Left Knee up – Down & Reverse Lunge        20x
Dips (:15)/Reverse Lunge – Kick Front then back & Jump Switch Lunge (:45)

6. Left Leg Step Up to Bench with Right Knee up – Down & Reverse Lunge        20x
(:15) Bench Push-up/(:45) 2x Jump Lunge to Box Jump Burpee

7. Sumo Squat with Alternating Knee Lifts                                                              20x
(:15) Bicep Curl/(:45) Surfer Burpee to Jump Tuck

8. Sandbag Clean & Press                                                                                      20x
(:15) Kickbacks/(:45) 2x Overhead Jump Lunge/2x Overhead Press with Jumping Jack

9. Push-up to Opposite Arm & Leg Lift                                                                    20x
(:15) Around the World Right/(:45) Low Broad Jump Burpee

10. 3x Plies Pulse to Plies Jump Squat/Hold/Side Lunge right then left                 20x
(:15)j Around the World Left/(:45) Side to Side Jump Lunge touch ground

Part 2: BOSU Ball Bonus :15/1:00 2 rounds

1. (Top of BOSU) Kneel Down then Squat Out to Right Side then Left (Repeat)
2. (Top of BOSU) Low Squat – Hold – Bicep Curl Reverse Lunge right then left -back to squat
3. Right Side of BOSU – Hold weight in Right Hand & hop into plank/Left hand on BOSU and Right hand on Dumbbell/Right Dumbbell Row – hop in & up
4. (Top of BOSU) Stand & Shoulder Press Right then Leftr
5. Left Side of BOSU – Hold weight in Left Hand & hop into Plank/Right hand on BOSU and Left hand on Dumbbell/Left Dumbbell Row – hop in & up
6. (Balance on BOSU – Ball down) Side Raise Out – Touch in Front of Chest – Back out to Side then down
7. Toe Tap to BOSU (Either on top & tap to sides or Straddle BOSU)
8. Squat Down to BOSU – Roll back on BOSU – Up to Squat & Press Overhead
9. Burpee BOSU Push-up/4x Strict Mountain Climbers
10. (Top of BOSU) Squat & Alternate Wood Chop

Ab Finisher: 1:00 4 rounds

1. Plank – Feet on BOSU – Bend Knees toward floor (Alternate)
2. Plank – Feet on BOSU – Pull Knee to Opposite Elbow with Twist
3. Lower Back Against BOSU – Pelvic Tilt
4. (Lay on top of BOSU) Alternating Leg Lift – Twist Opposite Arm to Leg