Step Up Your Game Workout


Winter is officially here. It was a bit chilly this morning for my workout, but I powered through and thawed out afterwards. You will do 5 exercises with jump rope in between each. If you don’t have a jump rope, you can do jumping jacks or jog in place. On exercise number 5 I used the Glide Discs. If you don’t have them, you can use regular paper plates. I show you the exercise with the paper plates in my video. I finished the workout with a few upper body exercises. The workout breakdown is below. You can write it down, or follow along with me on the video. Work at your own pace and take breaks when you need to.


Part 1:  :15/1:00/:30   20 rounds

1. Right Cross Over Step Up to a Right Reverse Lunge     (1:00)     Jump Rope  (:30)

2. Left Cross Over Step Up to a Left Reverse Lunge          (1:00)     Jump Rope  (:30)

3. 3x Tricep Push-up / 3x Dips                                             (1:00)      Jump Rope   (:30)

4. Squat with Alternating Step up to Glute Squeeze            (1:00)     Jump Rope   (:30)

5. Plank Knee in on Sliders                                                  (1:00)     Jump Rope   (:30)


Part 2:  1:00  8 rounds  (Choose a weight that you can hold the entire time. There are no breaks so you will move from one exercise to the next.)

1. Tricep Overhead Extension

2. Shoulder Press

3. Bicep Curl

4. Up-right Row