My Review of the Gym Boss Timer App


I was away this weekend and my Gym Boss Timer stopped working on me. This is the new one that I bought back in September. I had my old one as a back-up. It doesn’t help you if you are planning on doing more than two intervals, which I was. I had my jump rope and sandbag and was all ready to do some serious sweating. I was so upset when I unpacked and it was frozen on the interval screen. I tried rebooting and even taking the battery out, but it just wouldn’t work. I am tired of spending $27 and change on a new timer every six months, so I hit the I-tunes store and started researching timers for my phone. I downloaded several free timer applications. But for what I expected of my timer that would require an upgrade and money. Money I was not willing to invest until I saw that it did what I wanted. I went back to the ones on my phone that I had downloaded a while back. One was the Gym Boss App. I started fiddling with it and realized that it did what the new mini timer did. I could create several workouts with several interval options, and all could be in one workout. I was set for the next morning. The Spa’s fitness facility didn’t open until 8 a.m. so I was forced to do my warm-up workout on the deck by the pool. I was worried that the beep on the phone would not be loud enough, but by all the people hanging out on their balconies watching me work out, it proved to be loud enough to hear in a noisy gym without any problem. The above video is my review, and a detailed explanation on how to program your timer.