Review of a few Free Yoga Apps

Before I jumped into my workout today, I talked a little about yoga. I didn’t cover the benefits of yoga because there are so many. Just to name a few of the important ones; correcting poor or average posture, build mental endurance and physical stamina by holding postures, increase flexibility, tighten core and improve balance. There is a long list. These are just a few at the top of my list. All of the things I listed above are what motivated me to make that New Years Resolution 2 years ago to begin yoga. I do not usually make New Years Resolutions, because I will resolve to make changes whenever I feel it necessary. That, I am sure, is what I did upon careful reflection of my life. It just happened to fall around the New Year. I still stretch after my workouts and I rumble roll, that will be a post for another day, every night. I needed to get at least 2 days of a yoga class to help balance out my body with all the killer workouts.

With that being said, if you don’t go to a gym or a studio then you rely on doing yoga at home. I bore easily with videos. I began my yoga quest with the P90X yoga. It was very challenging, but after doing the disk several times I could have taught it for Tony Horton. I decided to go to the web and research everybody’s idea of a great yoga workout. I was steered toward the I Tunes Store to the yoga apps. I found a long list of them available for my phone, and even FREE! I uploaded many of the free ones and began sifting through them. I have two that are my go to yoga apps whenever I can’t make it to the yoga class at the gym, or I’m away from home. The apps are Yoga Studios and Daily Yoga.

Yoga Studios offers a better variety of options for yoga. It has a beginners, intermediate and advanced class for stretching, flexibility, strength or a combination. Then you can choose between 15, 30 or 60 minutes routines.  It allows you the option of going in and creating your own class. I have not gotten bored enough to try creating my own class. But if you have a problem area that you want to focus on, you could put together poses that would specifically target that area.

Daily Yoga is the other app that I use regularly. This comes in second to my first choice because some of the classes are free. Then you get hooked and you have to buy a membership to unlock the other ones. I did the free ones for a while and really liked them, so I bit the bullet and bought the membership. I think it was around $13.00 for the year. The thing I like about this one is it gets a little more specific. If you want, you can focus on one area of the body like your legs or arms.

The two honorable mentions that I have are LOLO Yoga with Janet Stone and Gain Fitness Butterfly Yoga.

You can check them out, as well as all the other ones. Your tastes may be different than mine, and you might find something that you like better. There are a tone of free ones out there, so there is no excuse.