Olivia’s Squat & Lunge Attack HIIT Workout

I had a request from Olivia, one of my subscribers and loyal followers. She wanted to know if I would do a lunge and squat focused workout. So today I will focus on the lower body, but there are a handful of exercises in there that will hit the abdominals and a little upper body as well.

The exercises can all be done on the floor or on a box, BOSU Ball or bench. If you don’t have one that is alright. The moves all work from the floor, and you will still feel it. Feel free to use weights if you want to make it a little more challenging. I will show you the exercise modifications for each exercise as we go through. Remember to work at your level, and take breaks when you need to.

The workout breakdown is below. I do have my 18″ box, BOSU Ball, Ugi Ball, Steel bell, 12 and 20 lb Kettle bell and my 30 lb sandbag.

Part 1: Set timer 15/1:00 3 rounds

1. (Weight in Front on Floor) Squat Down & Flip Bag to Right Shoulder/Hold/ Left Reverse Lunge/Squat & Lower bag to Floor/Wide Jump Squat to Close. Squat & repeat to Left Shoulder

2. Drop Squat/Catch ball in low squat/Hold/tap ball to right then left/Hop to plank then hop in & up. Repeat

3. Burpee with Front Cross Jump Lunge

4. Right Side Lunge to Right Leg Step up to bench & Left Knee Up. Down Repeat

5. Right Side Lunge to Kick Right Leg Front

6. Left Side Lunge to Left Leg Step up to bench & Right Knee Up. Down Repeat

7. Left Side Lunge to Kick Left Leg Front

8. Burpee Heel Click Jack

9. Right Front Lunge (Weight on Right Shoulder)/Hold/Press weight over to left shoulder/Left Reverse Lunge. Repeat with Left Front Lunge

10. 2x Side Wide Squat to Right w/Left Up-right row – Right Side Lunge & pass weight between right leg. Repeat going left

11. 4x Duck Walk Burpee – Hop to Plank – Hop in & up to turn. Hop feet to ball (no ball – Walk out to plank) Push-up – Hop feet back in & 2x Low pulse squat. Repeat

Part 2: Set Timer 10/50 3 rounds

1. 4x Squat w/Alternating Front Kick – 4x Squat tap opposite hand to foot
2. Right Kettlebell Clean/Hold/Squat & Press
3. Right Single Leg Balance Squat with Shoulder Press
4. Plank Tap Opposite hand to foot
5. Right Turkish Get up
6. Right Side Kettlebell Windmill
7. Step Out Wide Squat Kettlebell Swing
8. Left Kettlebell Clean/Hold/Squat & Press
9. Left Single Leg Balance Squat with Shoulder Press
10. Kneel Down/Up – Step out wide squat pulse 3x & Reverse Cross Over lunge pulse 3x
11. Left Turkish Get up
12. Left Side Kettlebell Windmill

Part 3: Abdominals 10/40 3 rounds

1. Plank Knee Tuck Right then Left to Press Back Pike tap opposite hand to foot
2. Bird Dog Right Leg/Left Elbow
3. Bird Dog Left Leg/Right Elbow
4. Plank Saw Front & Back
5. Plank Right Leg to Side Tap & tap right foot on top of left
6. Plank Left Leg to Side Tap & tap left foot on top of right