Olivia’s Birthday Workout

I normally do my workout on Saturday morning, but I have a hair appointment. I had a special request from one of my followers. It is her birthday on Saturday and she asked if I would do a workout that focused on thighs. That is an awesome birthday wish, and I will never disappoint. This special workout is for Olivia. I hope this workout makes you day just a little more special.

I used the BOSU Ball, Stability Ball, 12 & 20 lb kettlebell, 8 & 12 lb dumbbells. You use the equipment you have available to you. And as always, work in your fitness level. I show you beginner moves, as well as, advanced. There are variations on the exercises just in case you don’t have the equipment that I am using. It is not necessary to have it, I always show the modifications. The workout breakdown is below. Remember to take breaks when you need to.

Set timer for 10/20/10/50 2 rounds

(Perform Plies Jack Squats with criss cross feet between each exercise)

1. Plank Toe Tap Right then Left Foot to Frog Hop
2. BOSU – Squat Out Right/Up/Kick Across to Left Side
3. BOSU – Squat Out Left/Up/Kick Across to Right Side
4. Jump Squat with Alternating Side Leg Lift
5. Right Side Lunge to BOSU to Right Reverse X Over Lunge
6. Left Side Lunge to BOSU to Left Reverse X Over Lunge
7. Burpee w/4x Hight Knee Tap Toes with hands
8. Right Side Lunge to Right Front X Over Lunge on BOSU
9. Left Side Lunge to Left Front X Over Lunge on BOSU
10. 5x Plank Jack to Frog Hop (Feet on Top of BOSU)
11. 2x Thigh Burner Squat/2x Lateral Side Jump Lunge

Bonus: Arms & Abs 5/30/5/30 2 rounds

1a. Bicep Curl Close to Wide
1b. V-up Right hand to Left leg

2a. Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press to Tricep Extension
2b. V-up Left hand to Right leg

3a. Dumbbell lift up to front/Circle out & Around/Down to Sides
3b. Stability Ball Pike Up to Knee In

4a. Explosive Push-up (Or Walk out Side to Side Push-up)
4b. Hovering Cat Pose

5a. Plank Dumbbell Row to Kickback (Alternating)
5b. Disc Pike In 0r Pike Hop in/Hop back to Plank

6a. Plank Position – Step Right Foot in to Runner’s Lunge/Left foot in to Squat/Stand up/Back down to Plank/1x Plank Jack
6b. Plank Position – Step Left Foot in to Runner’s Lunge/Right foot in to Squat/Stand up/Back down to Plank/1x Plank Jack