New “Hit the Deck”

I hit the gym today for a hard and heavy lift. I have not had one all week because I have been filming the video clips of the exercises to link to the pages. After my lift I decided I needed a little cardio so I threw in a new group of exercises for the “Hit the Deck” workout.  The nice thing about this workout is you can pick the exercises you want to do. I decided to get crazy today and  change the exercises for the suits (hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs), as well as the face cards and aces.

Here is the breakdown.

For the number cards, you do the exercise assigned to the suit  for the number on the card.

Hearts          =  Sandbag Swings (Dumbbell, Kettlebell, weight….)

Diamonds  =  Sandbag Clean and Press (Dumbbells, Kettlebells, weight….)

Clubs          =   Sandbag Bicep Curl (sandbag, weights…..)

Spades       =   Goblet Squat

Face Cards (Jack, Queen, King)  =  10 Burpee with Push-up

Ace  =  10 Sandbag Roll-up to Get Up


Once you complete this workout you will have done 55 Swings, Clean and Press, Curls and Squats.  You will also have done 120 Burpees with Push-up, and 40 Sandbag Roll-up to Get up.

I finished the workout in 30:55, and I used my 30 lb. sandbag for the swings, curls, clean and press and roll-ups. I used the 10 lb ball for the goblet squats.