New Hit the Deck, Full Video


I really like the Deck of Cards workouts. If you are not familiar with them then let me explain. You decide what exercises you want to do for the four different suits in the deck. You also chose the number of repetitions you will do for each card. The great thing about this workout is it changes each time you shuffle the deck. I think it’s difficult to beat your score, because every time you shuffle the deck the order of the exercises and repetitions change. No matter how many times I do this workout it’s always challenging. I did all of my exercises for this workout with my sandbag. If you don’t have a sandbag, you can use a dumbbell, kettlebell or any weight you have that is challenging enough for the exercises. Click on the highlighted link, New Hit the Deck, for the full video. Below is a breakdown of the exercises. You can use the exercises that I did, or fill in your own exercises.

Set your Gym Boss Timer for Stopwatch.

Number Cards (1, 2, 3, …….10)

Hearts          =        Sandbag Swings

Diamonds    =        Sandbag Clean & Press

Clubs           =        Sandbag Bicep Curl

Spades        =        Goblet Squat

Face Cards (Jack, Queen, King)         =         10x Burpee with a Push-up

Ace                                                        =          10x Sandbag Roll-up to a Get-up