My Beloved Sandbag

If I could only choose one piece of equipment to use in my workouts, I would have to pick my sandbag. It can be used for practically every move and for all body parts. I remember the first time I saw it was on the Body Rock web page.  Zuzana was doing the “Drag Me To Hell” workout. I immediately hit the web and began my search for the best sandbag. My search ended at the Ultimate Sandbag website   ( I must say I was a little shocked by the price. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase it.  To my surprise, it was very durable. And durability is something you want when you are going to be hoisting and swinging a heavy object numerous times over your face and head.

I have had my sandbag for 4 years now. It goes with me to the gym everyday. I use it in place of dumbbells and barbells. I drag it to our local track, out onto our driveway, and it has even gone with me on our driving vacations.

The sandbag comes as a package with the outer shell and several bladders that you fill with sand.  Over the years the bladders cracked and the sand seeped out.  It would periodically fall in my eyes when I was doing overhead moves. Frustration set in when I noticed one bladder was down in weight by 4 pounds, roughly 1.8 kg. I hit the pet department at our local Walmart Store. There I picked up six 5 lb., 2.7 kg, bags of fish tank rock. I slid the bags of fish tank rock into the emptied bladders and then duct taped them to ensure that they would not break and roll around. I have had them in my bag for 4 months now and not a single problem.

I noticed, the other day, when I was on the ultimate sandbag web page, that they now make water bladders for the sandbag. I think they would be great if you did a lot of air travel. The bladders can be emptied, packed in luggage and refilled at your destination. Water bladders are definitely for the more advanced. I would not recommend water training for a beginner. Water makes things much more difficult than sand. The biggest reason is water moves around during the entire lift. You must engage the muscles constantly as the water sloshes around with every move. I would love to try training with the water bladders, but I’m not ready to make that investment.

The biggest change in the sandbag was the fabric. The fabric on my bag is a stiff nylon mix of material. The new material looks smooth and shiny. I guess it was abrasive to some people. It doesn’t seem to bother me. The packages, however seem to be the same. I have the “Power Package”. It holds up to 40lbs, 18 kg, and comes with two bladders. You also have the option of just buying the outer shell.  It is a great way to save a little money if you don’t plan on using the bladders for sand.