Marital Bliss Workout

So, yesterday was my 21st wedding anniversary and my husband and I had a comical celebration.  I put my wedding gown on and he threw me in the swimming pool. Well, he took the plunge into the pool with me! How romantic. Click on this link 21st Wedding Anniversary if you would like to see the video. In honor of our 21 years I decided to do my workout completing 21 repetitions of each exercise, and I did it 3 times through. One time for each of our wonderful children that we have together.

Set your timer for Stopwatch. I took a very short break in between each round to towel off and get a drink. You take as long of a break as you feel necessary. It took me 38:12 to complete.

1) Mountain Climbers                                                                     21x

2) push-up                                                                                      21x

3) Squat w/Alternating Side Leg Lift                                               21x

4) Burpee                                                                                        21x

5) Right Cross Over Step up w/Reverse Lunge                              21x

6) Left Cross Over Step up w/Reverse Lunge                                21x

7) Right Side V-up                                                                           21x

8) Left Side V-up                                                                              21x

9) Manmaker (15lb dumbbells)                                                        21x

10) Curtsy Lunge                                                                             21x

11) Elevated Right Side Plank Reach Through  (5lb dumbbell)      21x

12) Elevated Left Side Plank Reach Through   (5lb dumbbell)        21x