Maria’s Three’s a Charm Workout

Maria asked if I could do a workout with repetitions and do three rounds through. I came up with 10 exercises. I have the number of repetitions for each exercise next to it. I used my Step Bench, 30 lb sandbag, 20 lb Kettlebell and my 10 lb dumbbells. Remember to always work in your fitness level. Take breaks when you need to. I did three rounds through if you want to follow me through the entire workout. You don’t need to do all three rounds, you can stop when you want. The workout breakdown is below.


Set timer for Stopwatch.  There are 10 exercises and I will do the workout three times through.

1. Walk Out to Push-up/Hop feet in to Hands/Hop up and turn (Repeat)                   20x
2. Commando Push-up Right then Left/Roll-over/4x Oblique Mountain Climbers     10x
3. Right Reverse Lunge/Right Side Lunge to Kick Front (Repeat)                             20x
4. Left Reverse Lunge/Left Side Lunge to Kick Front (Repeat)                                  20x
5. Plank Down/Up – Sandbag Drag – Rotate to Side Plank                                       20x
6. Elevated Plank Jack to Frog Hop/Tap opposite Hand to Foot                                10x
7. Kneel Down/Up (Hold Low)/Squat Out to Side                                                       20x
8. Plank Jacks                                                                                                                   20x
9. Low Broad Jump Burpee Push-up                                                                               20x
10. Single Arm Swing to Figure 8 Squat                                                                       20x