I Love Burpees

I have a new workout for you today.  I was so inspired by an email from Funk Roberts. He had 44 different variations on burpees. Here is the link so that you can check out all of the variations. Funk Roberts Burpees. I think burpees are the bomb. They hit every body part and really get your heart rate elevated. There was close to 20 that I really liked, but I was not ready for a full on all burpee workout. I did mix several in with some other exercises, and it was very challenging. I did it as a stopwatch workout and took a break, before starting the second round, to towel off and get a drink. You work at your own pace, and in your own comfort zone.

Here is the full-length video and I will list the exercises below for you to copy them down. I Love Burpees Workout

Set your timer for stopwatch. I used an 8 lb. dumbbell and 10 lb. dumbbells in the workout.

1) 3 Hop Over and 1 Burpee                                                        10x

2) Dive Bombers                                                                           10x

3) Dumbbell Side Shoulder Raise and Burpee                             10x

4) Right Side Lunge to Kick Front                                                 10x

Left Side Lunge to Kick Front                                                        10x

5) Plank Jack Burpee                                                                    10x

6) Right Side Plank Hip Dip to Elbow Twist                                   10x

Left Side Plank Hip Dip to Elbow Twist                                          10x

7) 4x Side Hop Burpee (with each hop)                                         10x

8) Sumo Squat w/Alternating Knee Lift                                          10x

I did it 2 times through in 25:28.