Lit From Within Full Workout

The weather is beginning to turn outside.The evenings are cooling off a little and it’s not so humid through the day. It is definitely becoming more comfortable to exercise in the outdoors. I did a 31 mile bike ride on Thursday so that I could get some fresh air. The fall is an awesome time for getting out and trying something different. Some times I’ll ride my bike or roller blade, and other times I’ll lace up and go for a run. We are creatures of habit, and we continue to do the same thing over and over again. Our muscles have memory and after a while we find ourselves going through the motion without ever seeing any change. This is why I like to change up my workouts, whether it’s lifting or doing one of the H.I.I.T. workouts. I see my best results when I change it up and shock the system.

I did this workout on Tuesday at the gym before my yoga session. The workout began as part one, but I felt good after completing it so I  decided to push it and see how far I could go. I haven’t had too many of those days lately where I get to play, so I took advantage of it. There are three parts to the workout and then a separate part for core. Click on the link for the full video of Lit From Within.

Part 1:  24 rounds   10 second rest / 30 second work

1) Surfer Jump

2) Egg Drop Squat

3) Dive Bombers

4) 3 Lateral Hops to Brupee

5) Push-up on Ugi Ball

6) Monkey Squats with Ugi Ball

7) Alternating Leg V-up Crunch

8) Sandbag Roll-up


Part 2:  Commando Push-up Comb    8:00 countdown

Commando Push-up right then left. Lay down and roll over to the opposite side. Hop feet in and hop up. Hop over the matt. Pick up the ball or weight and hold in a low squat position. Perform 10 low pulse squats. Drop ball, and hop back over matt. Repeat from the opposite side.


Part 3: Warrior Gauntlet    8:00 countdown

Stand with back to the matt. Squat down and lower to the floor. Roll onto back while bringing legs over head. Roll forward and plant hands on the floor. Hop feet back into a plank position. Perform 2 push-ups, then hop feet in. Broad jump forward to the bag. Perform a clean and press. Lower weight and hop back. Repeat from the beginning.


Bonus Abs:  Set your timer to stopwatch, and perform workout 2 times. Click on the link for the video of Circus Abs

1) Plank Knee Pull                                             50x

2) Double Leg Crunch                                       40x

3) Side to Side Knees                                       30x

4) Side Plank Leg Kick out                                20x (each side)

5) Pike Abs                                                       10x