Light it Up Workout


I was under the weather at the end of last week so I didn’t get to do a video. My allergies were off the chart, and  I couldn’t stop sneezing. I felt a little better today and wanted to get moving. I was breathing a little harder than normal because of the allergies, but it to will pass. I mentioned it in the video that I have a new pink sandbag. My black one wore out. The plastic handles were tearing through the nylon. I will do a video on the new sandbag, and what I learned from the girl that I talked to from the Ultimate Sandbag. You can watch for that separate video. Back to the workout. I wanted to make it a little more cardio today so I added in jumping rope. If you don’t have a jump rope, you can jog in place or do jumping jacks or anything else that will get your heart rate up. There are 8 exercises that you will do in between each round of jump rope. You will set your timer for 40 second jump rope/ 5 second rest/ 40 second exercise/ 5 second rest. The workout breakdown is below.

You will Jump Rope between each exercise.

1. 2x’s Sandbag Row to Push-up to Clean & Press
2. Pendulums
3. Right Reverse Lunge to Sandbag Clean
4. Left Reverse Lunge to Sandbag Clean
5. Jump Lunges
6. Around the World Right
7. Around the World Left
8. Side Squat Press Sandbag Overhead (Shoulder to Shoulder)