Let’s Get Moving Workout


So today was just one of those days. I did my workout all the way through only to find out that the battery died on my video camera on the last three moves of the third round. What’s a girl to do? I didn’t want to record the workout all over again because I was tired and didn’t want to sacrifice form. So I did the last three moves along with the stretching, and pieced them together with the rest of the video. It was either that, or skip it and record another day. That was not an option for me. It was an awesome workout. I used the BOSU ball for some of the moves. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can do all the moves on the floor, or to a bench. I gave you several options. The workout breakdown is below. You will need a few sets of dumbbells for the workout.

Set your timer for 10 second rest and 40 second work and 10 rounds. We will repeat it 3 times.

1. Right Reverse X-Over Lunge to BOSU Right Side Lunge
2. Left Reverse X-Over Lunge to BOSU Left Side Lunge
3. BOSU Plank Down Up
4. Dumbbell Dynamic Squat
5. Staggered Hank Push-up
6. Russian Twist with Overhead Press
7. Right Reverse Lunge to BOSU with Right Overhead Press
8. Left Reverse Lunge to BOSU with Left Overhead Press
9. “T” Raise Push-up
10. Renegade Row Manmaker