Lean Arms & Toned Legs Stopwatch Workout

Well it rained all day Monday here and made my lanai a slippery mess. I didn’t want to do a lot of jumping moves today for fear of slipping. So we are going for strong legs, arms and core. This workout will be a stopwatch workout. You will do a set number of repetitions before moving on. I will be using my 15 lb dumbbells, 30 lb sandbag, 10 lb dumbbells and steelbell. Use whatever you have available to you. Remember to work at your fitness level, and take breaks when you need to. The workout breakdown is below:

Part 1: Set timer for Stopwatch/Complete 3 rounds

1. Right Side Lunge/Kick Right Foot Front                                                     15x
2. Squat – Weight to Outside Right Knee/Up & Twist over Left Shoulder      15x
3. “T” Raise Push-up                                                                                      12x
4. Left Side Lunge/Kick Left Foot Front                                                          15x
5. Squat – Weight to Outside Left Knee/Up & Twist over Right Shoulder      15x
6. Stagger Hand Push-up                                                                               12x
7. Squat with Alternating Kick Front                                                                10x/side
8. Step Right Foot Out to Right Wide Squat/Step in/Right Leg Back
Deadlift to Right Reverse Lunge with bicep curl                                              15x
9. Step Left Foot out to Left Wide Squat/Step in/Left Leg Back Deadlift
to Left Reverse Lunge w/bicep curl                                                                  15x
10. Drop Squat/Hold Low Squat/Tap Ball Right then Left/Hop in Plank/up       12x
11. Ball Between Legs Pulse Squat                                                                  15x

Part 2: 10 Minute Countdown

1. Dumbbell Swing                                                                                            15x
2. Shoulder Press Right then Left                                                                      1x
3. Reverse Lunge                                                                                               10x

Repeat the three moves, adding 1 more repetition to the Shoulder Press until you get to 5 repetitions.  Then you start over with 1 repetition.

Part 3: Abs 10/50 3 rounds

1. Single Leg V-up
2. Hovering Star Crunch
3. Right Side V-Up Crunch
4. Left Side V-up Crunch
5. Elbow Plank – Drop knees to Floor