Killer Kettlebell Workout


You can tell by my exercise attire that it is getting warmer out. I had only planned on going through the workout two times, but it was warm and I felt good so I pushed through for three rounds. You do what feels comfortable for your level. If you need to take a break in between each round then pause the video. Just press play when you are ready to continue. Try not to take more than a minute or two break in between each round. All you will need for this workout is a weight that is comfortable enough to get through all the moves. If it begins to get heavy, then lower the weight and keep going. I am using my 15 lb. kettlebell.  I probably could have used a little heavier, but I really wanted to focus on the muscles being worked. Don’t sacrifice form for more weight or repetitions. Try to focus on the muscles being worked. Below is the workout breakdown.


1. Figure 8 Squat w/Alternating Leg Lifts                                                  30x

2. Right Leg Reverse Static Lunge                                                           20x

3. Right Leg Stagger Squat                                                                      10x

4. Right Arm Kettlebell Swing                                                                    20x

5. Right Arm Kettlebell Clean & Press                                                      10x

6. Figure 8 Squat w/ Alternating Leg Lifts                                                 30x

7. Left Leg Reverse Static Lunge                                                              20x

8. Left Leg Stagger Squat                                                                         10x

9. Left Arm Kettlebell Swing                                                                       20x

10. Left Arm Kettlebell Clean & Press                                                        10x

Repeat 2 more times.