Killer Couplets Workout


I just want to say that it’s cold here. I know that I can’t complain because the rest of the country is getting that white stuff dumped on them, and many areas are without power.  I can sympathize because I grew up in Pennsylvania and lived through many cold and miserable winters. That is why I am living in Florida now. I want my days to be hot and filled with sunshine. I really had to force myself to power through my workout today. My toes were numb which was causing me to mess up on jumping rope. I have a problem with circulation – Raynaud’s Disease. It is a condition that causes areas of your body, usually fingers, toes, ears and tips of the nose to go numb in response to cool temperatures. The smaller arteries that supply blood to the skin narrow, limiting blood circulation to the affected areas. If I go into a really cold air conditioned building I will get the same reaction. There have been times that my toes have turned blue due to a cold air conditioned restaurant. And the tips of my fingers turn white, and go numb, from squeezing oranges in the morning for orange juice. Enough about me. Let’s get on with the workout. The breakdown is below. You can hit play and follow along with me, or write it down and do it at your convenience. I used my sandbag, a 15 lb. kettlebell, my Ugi Ball and a set of 10 lb dumbbells.

There are 4 couplets to the workout. You will do the first two exercises going in order and then work backwards on the next round. There is no break for the couplets. You go from one exercise to the next then repeat. After you complete all the rounds in the couplet, you will move on to jump rope.

Couplet 1: Set your timer for :40 work/ :20 work   6 rounds

1) Goblet Squat

2) Sandbag Swing

Jump Rope  :10 rest/ :30 work  6 rounds


Couplet 2: Set your timer for :40 work/ :20 work   6 rounds

3) Renegade Row Right then Left w/Push-up

4) Burpee w/Tuck Jump

Jump Rope :10 rest/ :30 work  6 rounds


Couplet 3: Set your timer for :40 work/ :20 work  6 rounds

5) Alternate Reverse Lunge w/Overhead Ugi Press

6) Alternating Squat to Side w/Ugi Chest Press

Jump Rope :10 rest/ :30 work  6 rounds


Couplet 4: Set your timer for :40 work/ :20 work  6 rounds

7) V-Crunch on Ugi Ball

8) V-Seat Tap Hand on Floor behind and reach other overhead, or Russian Twist

(The V-seat with the hand tap were Sara from Cyclonefit. They are really hard and I need to work up to them.)

Jump Rope :10 rest/ :30 work  6 rounds