Kill the Rabbit Workout


Technology is just not my friend. I did my video this morning, but the second part is not on there. Apparently my camera battery died during the workout and I didn’t realize it until I went to upload the video. So “my” battery life is longer than my video camera’s battery life. No big surprise there! My workout for today is a couplet workout. The first exercise in each couplet is the cardio move, and the second exercise is the strength move. I did :50/:40/:10 for 4 rounds. That was for each couplet, and there are 5 couplets. I said in the video it is a 20 minute workout, but I can’t add. It’s a 30 minute workout! I used my 20 lb. and 12 lb. Kettlebells, a step bench, 15 lb. and 10 lb. dumbbells. You use a weight that feels comfortable, but challenging. If you are a beginner, you can leave out the weight and the jumps. Work in your comfort zone. The workout breakdown is below.

Group 1:
1. Squat Hop to Bench w/2x Plank Jacks
2. Dive Bombers w/Cross Over Knee Drive Right then Left

Group 2:
3. 4x Dynamic Squat w/2x Walking Push-ups
4. Manmakers w/Push-up

Group 3:
5. Super Frogger
6. Low Squat Wood Chop Left

Group 4:
7. Side Lunge Hop touch Ground
8. Low Squat Wood Chop Right

Group 5:
9. Kettlebell Up & Over/ Hop turn to Burpee Push-up
10. “T” Raise Push-up