Kick Ass Workout

I really liked this workout today.  I came up with this one the other night. I thought I would try it out today since I was pressed for time. I like it because it hits all the major muscle groups. It is a good thing I didn’t lift before I did it,  I don’t think I would have made it through the entire workout. I used my 30 lb. sandbag for all my weighted exercises, and the rest were all  body weight moves. There are 4 groups with 3 exercises in each. I went through each group three time, and before moving on to the next group of exercises I performed a cardio move.

Set your Gym Boss timer for stop watch and have plenty of water and towels on hand. You will need it.

Here is the entire video for the workout.  Kick Ass Workout Video

Group 1: Repeat this circuit 3x’s

1) Burpees                                                                                    10x

2) Squat with Alternating Rear Leg Raise                                    20x  (10 each side)

(I held my sandbag for this one. Squat low and lift your leg behind you as you squeeze your butt and stand up.)

3) Bicep Curl with shoulder Press                                                15x

(I used my sandbag for this one.)

Jump Lunges                                                                                 50x

Group 2: Repeat this circuit 3x’s

1) Right Leg Walk Out to Push-up                                                10x

2) Left Leg Walk Out to Push-up                                                  10x

3) Pendulums                                                                               50x

Jump Squats                                                                                30x

Group 3: Repeat this circuit 3x’s

1) Sandbag Clean & Press                                                           10x
2) Right Arm Sandbag Swing                                                        10x
3) Left Arm Sandbag Swing                                                          10x

Froggers                                                                                        20x

Group 4: Repeat this circuit 3x’s

1) Plank Jump/ Frog Hop Push-up                                                10x
2) Close Grip Push-up                                                                    10x
3) Plank Hold w/Alternating Single Leg Raise                                20x

Prisoner Squats                                                                              50x

This was an unbelievable workout. It took me 43:23 to do.
Let me know how you did.