Just Get it Done Workout


I did my workout today using the straps for a few of the exercises. All of the moves that I did can be done without the straps. So fear not, if you don’t have straps, I have given you other options. After using them, I have realized that I need to use them more. I think my body is used to the exercises that I do, even though I change it up frequently. I struggled a little with the One Legged Burpee, but I will continue to do them until I get stronger. I need to work a push-up into the burpee, but that will take some time and me getting used to using them. On the final round I forgot to do Mountain Climbers until the end. I showed you how to do them with your feet in the straps or up on the wall. I gave you enough options that you can work at your own level. You can hit play and follow along with me, or write down the exercises and work at your own pace. I did 30 rounds with 15 second rest and 1:00 work. Take breaks when you need them, and work at your own pace. The exercise breakdown is below.

1) Sandbag Swing

2) Right Leg – One Legged Burpee

3) Left Leg – One Legged Burpee

4) Crab Dance

5) Left Leg in Strap or on Ball (out to side) Squat on Right Leg

6) Right Leg in Strap or on Ball (out to side) Squat on Left Leg

7) 2x Jump Lunge Knee Up Crunch

8) Mountain Climber (Feet in Straps Optional)

9) Sandbag Squat/Lunge Combo

10) Sumo Squat Ball Overhead Alternating Knee Lift