Just Another Burpee Day Workout

I have so many variations on Burpees, and I love them all. I don’t think I could ever pick a favorite. They are all so good, and they work every part of the body while keeping your heart rate elevated. I have a different kind of workout today. I figured we could break them into groups, but instead of doing a timed workout we are going for a stopwatch ladder. This one is different though. You will start with the first group and do 20 repetitions of each exercise. Then you will move on to the next group and do 15 repetitions. By the end, you will do 5 repetitions. Then you will begin from the end and work your way back beginning with the 20 repetitions. By the end you will have done 25 repetitions of each. I doesn’t sound like a lot, but these aren’t regular old burpees.

The breakdown is below. Remember to work at your level, and take breaks when you need too.

Set timer for Stopwatch:

Group 1: (Do the first number going down & the second number coming up)
Plank Jack Burpee                                                                   20x        5x
Plank Toe Tap to Opposite Hand                                             20x        5x
Sandbag or Kettlebell Swing                                                   20x         5x

Group 2: (Do the first number going down & the second number coming up)
Broad Jump Burpee                                                                15x       10x
Squat to Shoulder Press                                                         15x        10x
Hold in Squat – Tricep Overhead Extension                           15x        10x

Group 3: (Do the first number going down & the second number coming up)
Double Duck Burpee                                                                 10x    15x
Commando Push-up/Roll over 4x Mountain Climber                10x     15x
(Hover Feet) Star Crunch                                                           10x    15x

Group 4: (Do the first number going down & the second number coming up)
3 Cones – Travel Hop & Burpee Between                                   5x     20x
Alternate Squat Sandbag to Side of Foot/Clean to Chest            5x     20x
Weight Overhead – Alternate Reverse Lunge                              5x     20x

Part 2: Stability Ball Bonus   10/40 3 rounds

1. (Feet on Stability Ball) Right Foot Tap Floor/Up to left foot
2. (Feet on Stability Ball) Left Foot Tap Floor/Up to Right foot
3. (Face down on Stability Ball) Leg Raise (Glute) 15x/ Pulse feet together
4 On Knees – Hands on Ball & roll out and back in
5. (Face down on Stability Ball) Shoulder Raise “Y” Arms
6. Pike in then Knee Tuck
7. (Ball Between Feet) Right Side Crunch Up
8. (Ball Between Feet) Front Leg Raise (hands behind head)
9. (Ball Between Feet) Left Side Crunch Up