I’m on Fire


If I seemed frustrated on the video it was because I had the worst time with my timers this morning. I was messing around with them after my workouts and realized my batteries were dying. Go Figure! I spared you all my ranting because the timers weren’t registering. We have all had one of those days!

The workout that I did today can be shortened by going down through it one time.  Working your way down through it is a nice 20 – minute workout. I ended up working my way back up from the bottom and made it a killer 40 – minute workout. Do what fits in your time, as well as, your fitness level. The workout breakdown is below.


Set your timer for stop watch:

Jump Rope     200x

3 rounds of exercises 1 & 2

1) Pike Press                                           12x

2) Goblet Squat w/Extension & Pulse      12x


Jump Rope    200x

3 rounds of  exercises 3 & 4

3) Dumbbell Shoulder Press                     12x

4) Overhead Squat                                    12x


Jump Rope   200x

3 rounds of exercises 5 & 6

5) Lying Leg Raises                                   12x

6) 3x’s Lateral Hop to Burpee                    12x

Rest for 1 minute. Work your way up from the bottom starting with jump rope and beginning with exercises 5 & 6.

It took 21:10 to work down through the workout. It took another 20:10 to work back up to the beginning.