Hit It Hard Workout

Today I am doing a new workout. I know that it is only Friday, but we are taking the boys tomorrow to cut down our Christmas Tree. It will be a nice day somewhere around 75 F. or so. They will probably wear shorts to cut down the tree. I know that is unheard of in most parts of the country right now. This is the season they love so much. There is no sweltering heat, and it’s comfortable to be outside in the daytime, as well as the evening.

This is a busy time of year so I will try and keep my workouts manageable for all of those hectic schedules. Today I did 4 rounds of 10 exercises and 10 repetitions each. If you are pressed for time, you could do 2 rounds, or maybe 3. You do the workout for your level and time frame. Make sure that you use proper weights. You are looking for quality, not quantity.

The workout breakdown is as follows:

1. Burpee Push-up to Chair Sit with Front Raise (Zuzana)
2. Right Leg Toe Tap Behind then Front
3. Left Leg Toe Tap Behind then Front
4. Jumping Jack with Overhead Press
5. V-up
6. Strict Mountain Climber
7. Stability Oblique Dumbbell Press
8. Squat Wall Ball Toss
9. Prisoner Squat Broad Jump (Stay Low)
10. Prisoner Walking Lunge Elbow to Knee