Heavy Hitter HIIT Workout Video

We are going back to basics today. Lena asked if we could do a HIIT workout involving Jump Rope in between each exercise. Jump rope is an excellent form of cardio. If you don’t have a jump rope, you can do jumping jacks or high knees in between each exercise. We won’t be doing any combinations with this since we are doing jump rope. You don’t need much for this workout, just a jump rope, a good set of dumbbells, a medicine ball, sandbag and or a kettlebell. I also threw in a BOSU ball for those who have it, but you can do the exercises to the floor.  Remember to work at your fitness level and take breaks when you need to. The breakdown is below.

Set timer for 10/30/10/50 3 rounds
You are doing jump rope before each exercise

1. Sandbag Clean & Press Burpee
2. BOSU Squat (or) Hold ball between legs low pulse squat
3. Criss Cross Jacks
4. Right Leg Deadlift to Walk out to Push-up
5. Weighted Side Squat to Reverse Lunge (Alternate)
6. Left Leg Deadlift to Walk out to Push-up
7. Goblet Squat to Overhead Press
8. 4x Oblique Mountain Climbers/4x Mountain Climbers (Feet Elevated on BOSU Optional)
9. Renegade Row to Kickback Right hand/Frog Hop/Renegade Row To Kickback Left/Frog Hop
10. Plies Squat with Knee Raise Right then Left/Hold/2x Prisoner Jack Squat
11. Reverse Lunge – Pass weight between Knee
12. Squat with Alternating Side Leg Lift

Bonus: Arms & Abs 3 rounds (Set timer for Stopwatch & 40 second countdown)
The arm exercises will be done for 15 repetitions/abs will be done for 40 seconds

1. Touch Front/Touch Behind
(:40) Straight Arm Plank Hold (you can elevate feet – optional)

2. Bicep Curls
(:40) Right Side Plank Hold

3. Side Raise to Up-right Row
(:40) Left Side Plank Hold

4. Dips or Kickbacks
(:40) Elbow Plank (Optional – Saw back & forth)

5. Side Lateral Raise
(:40) Plank – Hands out front then back under shoulders

6. Wide Bicep Curl – Rotate and Lower Palms to thighs
(:40) Plank Alternating Toe Taps (Optional Feet elevated)